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There is So Much More To Livestreaming than <video>

Take Real Time Control of every aspect of your audience's experience.

Our advanced, state of the art Realtime Streaming Content Management System (RSCMS) allows you to control every aspect of your audiences view in realtime, while they are watching. Not just the video stream itself.

The One Live Web Platform lets you stream content changes and video at the same time with no end user interaction create a truly unique and interactive end user experience.

Are you looking for a comprehensive Streaming Solution?

Whatever your streaming needs, we have you covered, from simple, scalable, secure to highly complex and innovative interactive multi-streams

The Swiss Army Knife of Streaming

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Hi Chris, I purchased the program in 2009 and was hired as a fire fighter with Richmond Hill Fire on March 3, 2014. I was getting 60 to 70% when I started and after working through you program my marks went drastically up. Lots of hard work and many years of rejection. I stayed with it and after 22 recruitment's and 6 years post pre-service I have finally got on. I feel super privileged and will never forget the grind or process of becoming a fire fighter. I have unfortunately had to give my volunteer ff position after 5 yrs as well. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your efforts and the help, advice and guidance you provide this service is priceless. Thanks again take care,


You can't afford to fail and waste everything you just put in to get your NFPA credentials...

There is alot of competition, very few jobs. There are over 7000 NFPA certified candidates in Ontario, thousands more from across Canada, with more graduating every month - all competing for YOUR job. Luckily for you, most candidates leave firefighter test preparation until the last minute and fail. You can start now. And pass.

Realtime Streaming Content Management System Change the audience experience instantly

Swap out

  • Create pages with embedded live areas that can be swapped out with the click of a button
  • Upload new assets and content during live presentations and swap out content with only a few clicks.
  • Zero learning curve for your audience. They sit back and watch or intact with integrated self explanatory features.
  • Embed our advanced Realtime Content Player on your own sites
  • Access and capture advanced analytics both during and after your realtime events
  • Integrated Content Distribution Networks let you operate at scale

Integrated Event Management All the tools to run your online events

Professional grade streaming

  • E-Commerce Ticketing
  • Scheduling
  • Communications

Complete Digital Media Archive Safe Secure Video and Image storage

All of your media captured and stored. With automatic close captioning for your recorded events.

  • Automated Close Captioning with Deep Video Search
  • Automated Translation of Captions
  • Transcoding and Publishing to other platforms
  • Easy media embedding in your website

Quizzes, Surveys and more

Often there is downtime during live events. Use our interactive tools to keep your audience engaged between presentations

  • Unlimited On-Line Practice Tests - Never take the same test twice!
  • Detailed, full scoring and correct answer display per test
  • Each test is timed, simulating the real tests
  • Includes Audio/Memory recall tests

Detailed Event Reviews, History & Results

  • Detailed event review: analytics, collected data and more
  • In depth review shows results per category
  • Track progress over time
  • Access detailed reports at anytime!

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Test Ready Pro (TRP) has been developed as an all-inclusive preparation program for public and emergency services professions to effectively ensure success throughout the entrance test and recruitment process.

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